Zoning Attorney In Marion County

As any experienced developer knows, disputes and delays can pose a significant threat to the success of a project. Often, advice from a knowledgeable attorney can prevent complications from derailing a project. Tuohy Bailey & Moore LLP is an Indianapolis law firm with extensive experience in land use and zoning matters.

Land Use And Variances

Our attorneys assist residential and commercial developers with matters such as:

  • Rezonings
  • Variances
  • Development plans
  • Compliance with existing ordinances
  • Litigation

Experienced Lawyers Who Keep Costs Low And Projects Moving

Without guidance from an experienced lawyer, it can be very difficult to get a project back on track when something goes awry. In addition, increased costs can halt the project altogether. Our lawyers’ demonstrated commitment to providing competent solutions to problems like these has enabled our clients to keep their projects moving efficiently and cost-effectively.

A Demonstrated Commitment To Clients’ Success

At Tuohy Bailey & Moore LLP, our goal is to lead our clients to success. We do not provide one-size-fits-all solutions. Instead, we listen closely to understand what your goals are and then focus on helping you achieve them. Additionally, our clients’ needs often spill over into other areas; if our clients need assistance with real estate transactions, business transactions or other matters, we are prepared to help.

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